Our technology themed tours

The core business of many Geeks! Technology in every form, shape or color possible. NASA or space related tours, Silicon valley, nuclear energy and much more will feature in the below mentioned tours. Expect this section to grow at a fast rate the upcoming months.

As is with all our travel categories on this site: we are only getting started. Apply for our newsletter or check back on regular basis to see the newly added tours!

Close encounters of the Geeky kind

roswell1 geekytravel


Area 51, Roswell, the secrets behind the Alamogordo region and the Manhattan project. These names surely ring a bell with enthousiast of space and the alien stories. Go on a secret mission to discover the truth behind the  rumours surrounding this area of the US. Jump into your rental car and enjoy this Geeky 12-day tour…

NASA: From Cape to Base

capecanaveral4 geekytravel


The ultimate roadtrip for the Geeky interested in space! A 14-day selfdrive tour by the Southern coastline of the United States, from iconic Cape Canaveral all the way to Houston and its NASA headquarters. Enjoy the many unique features in this trip, visit space landmarks and experience some Southern hospitality during your…

Shadows of Chernobyl

chernobyl17 geekytravel

year-round departure

The morning of April 26th, 1986, changed the city of Pripyat, USSR and the wide region around it forever. A failed test in the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl caused the roof of reactor number 4 to be blown off, jumpstarting massive radioactive pollution which spread across Western and Northern Europe. Over 100.000…

Silicon Valley - GEEKY GROUP TRIP

intel2 geekytravel

new dates coming soon!

Embark on a glorious Geeky Group tour with us to the Walhalla of technology: Silicon Valley, California! During this 7 day fully guided group tour through the heart of computer land you will learn even more about the computer history, present and future during an entertaining program. You'll see the corporate headquarters…

Space and aliens

astronaut geekytravel


The Southwest of the USA is not only a breathtaking natural place to visit, it also has many ingredients in store that relate to space! Join us on this 14-day selfdrive tour through Texas and New Mexico and observe amazing natural splendor combined with place such as Alamogordo (Manhattan project), Roswell, Houston (NASA),…

Ukraine Adventure

missile9 geekytravel

year-round departure

This VERY Geeky tour combines the 5-day tour of Kiev and Chernobyl with two spectacular extra tours: a one-day visit to the Pervomaysk missile force base and a one-day 'Red Army adventure', highlighted by driving a real USSR tank and shooting authentic Russian cannons and rifles! This fully private tour is not for the faint…