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A Balkan journey

in History
bucharest2 geekytravel

year-round departure

This 14 day, fully guided tour through the Balkan region is a masterpiece for history buffs! Truly one of a kind, this journey takes your through the former Communist countries of Romenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia on a wild encounter with history from late medieval times all the way to the late 20th…

Chile - From ancient tribes to space

in Earth
rapa nui geekytravel

year-round departure

Geeky Travel is always looking for special trips that combine the Geeky interest with the treasures of our planet. In this 15-day Geo trip through Chile and Easter Island, you will be blown away by the beauty and diversity of its nature. But expect much more from us. Do you have a special interest in space or ancient,…

Close encounters of the Geeky kind

roswell1 geekytravel


Area 51, Roswell, the secrets behind the Alamogordo region and the Manhattan project. These names surely ring a bell with enthousiast of space and the alien stories. Go on a secret mission to discover the truth behind the  rumours surrounding this area of the US. Jump into your rental car and enjoy this Geeky 12-day tour…

Game of Thrones Croatia

dubrovnik2 geekytravel

year-round departure

Imagine the bustling capital of Westeros, the beautiful mediterranean vegetation, the fierce strongholds of knights from gone days: that is Croatia! The producers of Game of Thrones have chosen this pristine location to play an integrate part in the shooting of these epic series. Visit Dubrovnik and Split, two world…

Game of Thrones Iceland


year-round departure

The very successful HBO series 'Game of Thrones' has captivated millions of viewers and created an army of fans and followers. The intriguing  storylines, the depth of the characters, the beautiful scenery and the diverse countries and lands have added to its fame. Now is your chance to explore one of the more fascinating…

Game of Thrones Malta

mdina3 geekytravel

year-round departure

Game of Thrones is everywhere! Together with Geeky Travel, discover mighty Malta on this 5-day fully guided adventure. Experience the medieval atmosphere in the various locations and towns where the series were filmed. Through the gates of King's landing, down to the dungeons were Arya planned her way out of the capital,…

Game of Thrones Northern Ireland

gameofthronesireland geekytravel

year-round departure

Whilst the hugely popular Game of Thrones TV series, adapted from George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, is filmed all over Europe, many of the key locations are based in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  This 4-day Geeky Trip, fully private and guided will give you the chance to see iconic sites from Series 1 to 6…

Harry Potter

in Movies
harrypotter2 geekytravel

year-round departure

Harry Potter, the iconic books and movies, that have captivated millions of fans worldwide is worth a trip. Join Geeky Travel on the most comprehensive and magical Harry Potter Tour of England currently available. A 4-day adventure through England and its most famous links to the movie series. The tour is led by a very…

Into Middle Earth

in Movies
orc geekytravel2

year-round departure

The tales of JRR Tolkien have inspired many on this planet for decades. For years, books is all we relied on but then the movies appeared and a whole new world opened... Now is the time for you to discover all things related to the One ring! Geeky Travel takes you deep into the lands of Rohan and Mordor with this complete…

Into Middle Earth - GEEKY GROUP TRIP

in Movies
hobbiton5 geekytravel


Geeky Travel is proud to team up for this once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand, on a fully guided and accompanied tour by Gamling, rider of Rohan. Actor Bruce Hopkins has freed up his time to guide you and your group on an 18-day adventure through Middle Earth. Expect unique inside stories and anecdotes as well as…

NASA: From Cape to Base

capecanaveral4 geekytravel


The ultimate roadtrip for the Geeky interested in space! A 14-day selfdrive tour by the Southern coastline of the United States, from iconic Cape Canaveral all the way to Houston and its NASA headquarters. Enjoy the many unique features in this trip, visit space landmarks and experience some Southern hospitality during your…

Otaku in Tokyo

in Comics
Anime Geeky Travel

year-round departure

Discover Japan's fascinating 'Otaku' subculture while enjoying the vibe of megacity Tokyo! Otaku is the Japanese term for geek, as is of course common knowledge to you. Take a dip into their Geeky culture with our 7-day semi-guided tour through Tokyo. You will discover the craziest shops and subgenres and there will be…

Post communist Bulgaria

in History
buzludzha5 geekytravel

year-round departure

Modern history in Europe has long been controlled by ideological differences. The Iron Curtain dominated the continent for many years. Communism opposed the Western lifestyle of free market and capitalism. Many tragic events occured but most countries have healed from the past and are looking forward to a bright future.…

Shadows of Chernobyl

chernobyl17 geekytravel

year-round departure

The morning of April 26th, 1986, changed the city of Pripyat, USSR and the wide region around it forever. A failed test in the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl caused the roof of reactor number 4 to be blown off, jumpstarting massive radioactive pollution which spread across Western and Northern Europe. Over 100.000…

Silicon Valley - GEEKY GROUP TRIP

intel2 geekytravel

new dates coming soon!

Embark on a glorious Geeky Group tour with us to the Walhalla of technology: Silicon Valley, California! During this 7 day fully guided group tour through the heart of computer land you will learn even more about the computer history, present and future during an entertaining program. You'll see the corporate headquarters…

Space and aliens

astronaut geekytravel


The Southwest of the USA is not only a breathtaking natural place to visit, it also has many ingredients in store that relate to space! Join us on this 14-day selfdrive tour through Texas and New Mexico and observe amazing natural splendor combined with place such as Alamogordo (Manhattan project), Roswell, Houston (NASA),…

Star Wars Discovery

in Movies
mos espa

year-round departure

This year the new Star Wars movie will be released and if you are as excited as we are, you need to prepare yourself with this exclusive fully guided and private tour through Tunisia! This 5-day mini break takes you from the bustling city of Tunis into the desert around Tozeur where you will see firsthand why George Lucas…

Star Wars Ultra journey

in Movies
kasar ouled

year-round departure

Few movies have captivated such an amount of people around the world as Star Wars has. The eternal battle between good and evil is depicted in an epic way and has captivated people around the globe.  Star Wars has created an entire world, here and beyond the stars. Geeky Travel takes you to the desert planet of Tatouine on…

Tour of Duty - Vietnam War

in History
helicopters vietnamwar

year-round departure

The war in and around Vietnam some 50 years ago has left an impression on many people around the world. The guerrila warfare, the harsh conditions, the protest in the US have made this tragic event to an example for many on why war is never just a game of numbers. Relive the conditions and visit the sites of this unique…

Ukraine Adventure

missile9 geekytravel

year-round departure

This VERY Geeky tour combines the 5-day tour of Kiev and Chernobyl with two spectacular extra tours: a one-day visit to the Pervomaysk missile force base and a one-day 'Red Army adventure', highlighted by driving a real USSR tank and shooting authentic Russian cannons and rifles! This fully private tour is not for the faint…