Not all Geeky Trips are the same! Some are fully stuffed with delicious details of your desired fascination, others have Geeky stuff sprinkled into an altogether amazing experience. Those trips offer even more: amazing natural scenes, leisure time, tourist highlights and experiences that will make your trip even more worthwhile.

In order for you, the traveler, to have the right approach, we have created a label: 'The Geeky Factor'. All of our trips have been customized with three, four or five Geeky Travel UFO logo's. This will make it easier for you to determine if this trip is just right for you.


3*: Our name is Geeky Travel and you can expect trips that carry a certain theme. In addition, we will show you parts of the country or region which you are visiting. Famous landmarks, time with locals, walks in nature, absolute downtime,... All of this will contribute to a truly great travel experience.


4* The Geeky factor rises! Your preferred theme is featured extensively in these trips. Besides this, we feel there is always room to see and experience some other stuff.  You will still feel like Anakin Skywalker or the Sith Lord in Tunisia but we can't afford NOT to show you some famous sites of this beautiful destination.


5* Hold on, brace yourself: Geeky Ultimate is coming! These trips are for die-hards only. From start to finish you will be swept away by your theme of choice. Locations, guides, excursions, stories: everything is prepared to take you away from this reality until you are dropped off at the airport, wishing you could experience it all over again.