The Best Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Business Trip

By now, everyone realizes the importance of getting at least twenty minutes of exercise a day. This is especially crucial in this automated age where automatic everything reduces the calories we would naturally expend in our daily routines. Unfortunately for business professionals, finding the time to exercise can be extremely challenging. This is especially true you’re when out of town or in a foreign country for business. However there are a number of different simple steps you can take which will allow you to burn a few hundred extra calories a day without taking too much time from your busy schedule.

#1 Take the Steps to Fitness

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more exercise into your diet is by taking the stairs. The amount of calories burned will vary greatly depending on how much you weigh. A heavier body means you will have to exert substantially more effort to climb the same amount of stairs. If you take the stairs regularly, you could easily burn 100 calories a day, and you haven’t even started working out yet.

#2 Taking Laps to Look and Feel Better

Besides cross country skiing, there’s no better exercise for working multiple muscle groups. This is because you have to utilize virtually so many muscles to stay afloat. The average person can burn 240 calories in just twenty minutes of swimming. Of course, a heavier person would also have to exert more effort to swim for twenty minutes. A 250 pound person can burn up to 420 calories by swimming for just 20 minutes a day. Swimming is also a great way to relax after a hard day of work so make full use of your hotel’s pool when you’re away on business. .

#3 Take a Hike, Ride a Bike

Another way to get exercise while on a business trip is to go for a long hike. Many major cities have a number of parks and recreational areas dedicated to hiking. The fresh air is good for your lungs and the walking tones your legs. You should also consider jogging for at least a portion of any path you hike. Some parks even permit biking so you may want to rent a cycle when traveling abroad.

#4 Individual Effort

There are indeed a lot of ways to fit exercise into a business trip but the best way is probably to just do calisthenics within your hotel room. Most hotels have everything you need for a quick, comfortable workout. If the hard floor hurts your back, you can put the bed’s pillows on the floor, and use them for cushion while you do sit ups or crunches. These exercises are great for keeping your core tone and about five minutes a day is all it takes to stay trim and fit. You should also invest in a pair of two pound, rubber dumbbells. These handy weights make it easy t introduce weight resistance into any exercise, which increases the fat burning effect. They’re also small and inconspicuous and their plastic construction won’t cause any issues at metal detectors and checkpoints.

#5 Use Your Imagination

Exercising on a business trip is more about desire. Most major hotels chains have a swimming pool as well as a weight room. There are also creative things you can do such as jogging to dinner instead of driving. You can also choose to discover the foreign city by foot instead of taking a taxi everywhere. Walking through a new city and culture is also good for your brain so do be afraid to take a brisk stroll to improve your mental and physical health. Keep these simple steps in mind when you travel abroad and you’ll have no problem fitting exercise into your business trip.