Some Geeks like it, some don't: to travel in packs. The advantages are clear: you get to share your love for a certain part of the Geeky world; a subject or fascination which carries you away for conversations lasting deep into the night. Another added value: everything is arranged during your trip. Just listen to the main Geek and all will be well.

For certain trips, traveling in a Geeky group, might also be an interesting and cost cutting solution. Group sizes can vary from 10 to 25 persons, depending on trip and destination.

All tours include:

- Pick up and drop off at the airport/train station

- All meals

- Full time English speaking guide

- Local transport

- All excursions and entrance fees


Current trips are being proposed as group trips. For the itinerary click on the trip name. You will find dates, prices, minimum group size and all other information.


Into Middle Earth, guided by Gamling of Rohan    (April 10th - April 27th 2016)

Silicon Valley     (May 8th - May 15th 2016)

A Balkan journey        (May 9th - May 22nd 2016)

Post communist Bulgaria        (May 9th - May 15th 2016)

Anime fair Tokyo 2016        (March 23rd - March 29th 2016)


Geeky in group? Why not!