our trips

a. Why are your tours so unique?

Well, we don't mean to beat our own drum, but Geeky Travel is unique with its concept: it starts from your dream, your fascination and your desire. Because we are like you, we know what you want and like. Geeky offers very complete tours, with private guides, transportation and many included visits and meals. Roam our tours and see for yourself why booking a tour through our site is never a bad idea!

b. What is included?

Please check the dedicated trip pages to see what is included and what not. One thing: preferred flights or trains to the trip destination are never included. We offer you the opportunity to get your best air fare locally or you can book through our affiliates here.

c. At what point in time do your services start?

Services normally start when you arrive at your destination, by train, plane or other form of transportation. When you have booked a guided trip, our local expert will be waiting for you upon your arrival. In case you booked a selfdrive tour, you can pick up your reserved rental car at the agreed upon location. Happy trails!

Our services mostly end with a drop off at the airport or train station. If you enjoyed a rental car, just bring it back to the rental place and continue home...

d. What if I miss my inbound flight?

As we provide an amazing travel package locally, by law and contract we aren't obliged to wait for you in case you can not make it to your destination in time. But what kind of tour operator would that make us? So, whenever you have trouble on your way to your Geeky destination, we will try everything in our power to pick you up, reshuffle your tour and make you forget about the troubles you experienced on your way over. However, some parts of the tour might be lost and no refund on those activities is possible.

e. What type of accommodation is offered?

Geeky Travel has deals with hotels ranging from basic but clean comfort to excellent, high end hotels. Depending on the tour, budget and destination we have chosen the right place for you to stay. Our standard package always includes a twin room with double or twin bed. Hotels in Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia typically have a maximum of 3 persons per room. Travel to the USA offers the possibility to stay in a room with up four people.

Just go with the flow: but don't expect too much luxury in the tiny towns in Romania or Vietnam while on the other hand, you will be endulged in the lodge hotels in New Zealand if you opt for the Luxury tour.

f. What about health requirements?

Upon booking, we will provide you with the necessary information about health precautions in certain destinations.  Please double check with your local health institution and personal physician what is needed to travel to your desired Geeky destination.

g. Do I need a passport or visa?

In most cases you need a valid international travel passport. Visa depends on destination and your own country of residence. It is very important for you to check with your local government what is needed to travel to your country of choice. Geeky Travel is in no way responsible (Belgian citizens exempt) if you are denied entry to our Geeky destinations. Therefore, any refund or complaints related to improper passport or visa arrangements by yourself will be denied. Make sure this does not happen and apply for the correct documents in time.

If you need a visa to enter a certain country and an invitation letter is needed, we will gladly provide this after your booking is confirmed and a deposit is paid.

h. Is the destination safe to travel?

Of course it is. Tours to countries that have a "travel restriction policy" will be put on hold until the situation clears up and unrestricted travel is allowed. We never put our customers at risk. In any case, we ask our Geeky Travelers to be smart in their actions whenever they visit a foreign country. Theft, for instance, is a common crime and can be avoided by following some simple tourist rules and a lot of common sense.

i. Do you recommend a travel insurance?

We sure do! Travel insurance is not mandatory but we work with an excellent company we provides worldwide coverages. Check out this part of our website and get a free quote. This fairly small amount of money can keep you out of a lot of trouble!

j. What about changes in the tour?

We Geeks have a lot of power, but sometimes we are faced with things that are out of our control: strikes, weather related things, unrest or sudden closure of activities or sites. In these cases, Geeky Travel will put everything to work to find a decent alternative and still make your day or trip enjoyable.

k. Is tipping the guide customary?

Normally it is: it shows appreciation for your fellow Geek and local expert. The amount per day or tour is entirely up to you but we hope you will be so happy with your guide that you don't have to think twice to reward him with a reasonable tip.

l. Can I travel with children?

Of course you can! We welcome all ages on our Geeky trips. Prices are always on request, but we will be happy to get a quote for you and your offspring! Bear in mind that, although all trips can be enjoyed with children, some trips are more suitable than others for traveling with kids. We will gladly advise... Just let us know.

m. Can I get a guide who speaks another language besides English?

This is possible on most trips! It depends on timing and chosen trip. Just inform us about your travel dates and tour and we will try to make it happen for you. The Geeky Group trips are conducted in English, unless there is a large amount of travelers speaking the same language, other then English. If not, English is what we are sticking with on those trips. You'll be fine!



a. Can I really BOOK a tour on your website?

Nope. All of our booking demands are on request. As all of our tours are so specific, have private guides and many more variables in it, we have to check with our suppliers first. After we receive your request, we check and obtain the OK from our local source and get back to you as soon as possible.

b. Are bookings final?

As mentioned above, bookings are not final when you fill out the request form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and it is then up to you to accept that -surely amazing- offer. When you accept that offer, typically by email, the booking is then considered final and a deposit or full payment is due. Your booking will not be final without a paid deposit and a copy of the person booking the trip's passport for added confirmation security. Of course, there are cancellation policies and procedures in place, if you were to cancel your travel plans. Let's hope not!

c. Are there any hidden surcharges?

There are NONE! On each trip page you will find a clear overview of what is and what is not included in your tour price. Read it over carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. If you consider tipping a guide or driver a surcharge, well then... there is a hidden surcharge... But as you undoubtedly know, tipping is not obligatory, just a courtesy, although expected in some countries.

d. How and when do I get the travel documents?

Good question! Travel documents are sent through email in Pdf or Word format and include everything you need in order to travel the Geeky way. These documents can be expected between four to six weeks before your departure date unless you book really late, in which case it might be a little later.

e. Why do you need my passport?

Internet is a place full of evil Sith people and White walkers. We reserve the right to ensure that our customers are for real. We feel that after receiving a copy of a passport we can safely move forward with the booking. No passport copy or ID card copy will mean no booking (yet). This information can also come in handy when we have to help you out with visa or entrance to certain countries or destinations. This information is of course safe and secure with us and will not be shared with third parties unless for the processing of entry or visas as stated above.

f. How long do I need to wait for an offer?

In most cases, we try to get you an offer within 72 business hours after your request. If it takes longer we will inform you about the status of your request. But rest assured, we will normally present you with a formal offer and options for the trip of your choice within a day after you submitted your request on our site.

Changes and cancellations

a. Can I cancel my trip if needed?

Of course you can. We hope not, but in case you are not able to travel, we will help you in sorting things out. Cancellation requests can only be made via email and are subject to our general conditions. There may be some costs involved so please read the conditions thoroughly.

b. How about cancelling my participation in a Geeky Group trip?

Please check our FAQ on Geeky Groups for more intel on this subject. Thanks.

c. What about changes to travel dates or destinations?

Geeky Travel does everything in their power to accommodate such requests, but the standard cancellation procedure remains the same. If you just want to change your date, the cost might be lower but this is depending on specific case and conditions. Cancellation of one trip and subsequently booking another Geeky Trip means coughing up the cost for the first trip: we're sorry...


a. How do I pay?

We have two options: PayPal or via credit card. Check our payment information for more details.

b. What is the deposit amount?

We kindly ask a deposit amount of 30% of the total fee, payable upon confirmation of your booking. When travel begins less than two months after confirmation, we kindly ask to pay the full amount.

c. When is the full amount due?

About two months before the travel date, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of the trip fee: normally 70%. If the trip is booked less than two months before departure, the full amount is due upon booking. 

d. Are there any costs involved when paying my trip?

Not by our choice or for our profit but yes, both options (PayPal and credit card) incur costs. Rates are between 2.7% and 1.7% of the total fare.


GEEKY PROMOTION: If you book before March 31st, 2016 and we will take care of the payment cost!

Custom Made Tours

a. What do you mean by 'custom made'?

Whenever you want to change the duration or content of an existing tour or you are maybe looking for a new destination, we at Geeky Travel will propose an amazing offer to you within the shortest time frame. Go to this section and fill out your desires.

Keep in mind, that large groups (11 and up) will fall under this category. So bring your gigantic band of brothers on your preferred tour!

b. Do I have to wait longer for an offer on a custom made tour?

In most cases, NO! However, if you want something completely new or something very elaborate, please give us a few days to get back to you with an offer.

Geeky Groups

a. Why should I go on a 'Geeky Group Trip'?

Well, some people love being around other people, some don't. If you are the former kind and want to share your passion for your Geeky obsession, our Geeky Group trips are just the answer to your travel desires. Chitchat all day about the one thing that drives all of you and you will return with some friends for life. Also, everything is taken care of: just go with the flow and follow the Geeky guide.

b. When will a Geeky Group trip be confirmed?

This depends per trip but we will typically confirm the group trip about two months before departure at the latest. If we have reached the required minimum number of participants sooner, we will of course confirm at that time.

c. What are the group sizes?

There is no fixed number of participants. It really depends on the particular tour and destinations. Mostly, we try to go for smaller groups between 10 and 24 persons. Please check your desired Geeky Group trip for more info on the specific number.

d. Is it an international group?

Sure thing! Geeky Groups will be made up with people from all over the globe. Does it matter? Of course not. They are in it for the same thing as you are. Polish your foreign languages knowledge and if all else fails, know that you all are talking about the same thing: love unites! ;)

e. What if we don't get the minimum amount of participants?

About two months before the travel dates, Geeky Travel will decide if the trip will be on or not. In case we have to cancel the journey, you will receive a full refund of your deposit!

Attention: there is no refund on your own travel arrangements to and from the travel destination. Make sure you have a favorable rate or cancellation option on your airline ticket. If you would still like to travel on the original group dates, we will be happy to send you an updated proposal for an individual trip