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Experience: Villa Vacations In Florida

Villa holidays offer a great chance to make the most of exotic locations with the luxury of your own home from home. Villas in Florida are an excellent choice for families looking for cheap Florida holidays in 2021 – combining luxury, privacy and flexibility when it comes to making the most that the Sunshine State has to offer. Family holidays can be a little fraught, trying to combine the needs of all members of the group and finding time to relax can prove a challenge – leaving adults exhausted and need of a second holiday to recover! Villa holidays can be an ideal way to find the space to breathe and time to relax as well providing a secure base from which to explore. Florida’s theme parks are well known, but there are plenty of other attractions guaranteed to suit all budgets and tastes – from the active to laid-back and recreational shopping opportunities that are almost out of this world!

Spacious themes

Space is a key theme in Florida. The natural environment is diverse and the sub-tropical climate makes this State one of the most attractive tourist destinations for visitors from across the States as well as from around the world. Space of a different kind is also a feature of life in Florida. The tourist industry is one of the main sectors in the State but so is the ‘Space Exploration’ industry. NASA’s famous Kennedy Space Center is located on the unimaginatively nicknamed ‘Space Coast’ (officially the Gold Coast) only 35 miles east of the world capital of the theme parks at Orlando. For families looking for villas in Florida, the Space Coast has a lot to recommend it. The Kennedy Space Center is open to the public and it features a range of theme park-style rides, including one that gives you the chance to experience ‘lift off’ in the Shuttle. Permanent exhibits include the Apollo space craft and equipment, a full-sized replica shuttle and daily chats from Astronauts. The Kennedy Space Center offers a slightly more educational take on the theme park theme, but the kids will probably not notice they are being educated!

Coastal arts

The Gold Coast stretches to the north and south of Cape Canaveral is a 72-mile section of pristine, unspoilt beach and shoreline. Exploration along this coast is definitely worthwhile, with opportunities for kayaking, surfing, diving and snorkeling, to mention but a few of the favored pastimes in these parts. The water is sub-tropically warm and suitable for water sports of all varieties and for people at any level of experience. The small towns along the Gold Coast have attracted a range of artists and craftspeople, and the shops in the area are well known for their unique products and definitely worth a visit.

Take a hike

This part of the US has long been popular with visitors of all nationalities – the Spanish, French and British have all ruled the roost at different times – leaving their mark in a varied cultural heritage. Floridians are rightly proud of their natural environment and the National Parks and State Parks are great places to experience this amazingly diverse great outdoors. On the coast there are parks which offer great fishing and diving, while inland there are unspoilt forests with hiking and cycling trails. Camping facilities are popular at these parks, and for those staying in Florida Villas, taking a hike and getting away from it all is always a possibility, giving you and the kids to experience a little bit of the wild side of Florida!

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