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My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Tuscan Villas Near Pistoia

Renting Tuscan villas near Pistoia is becoming more and more popular due to the large number of accommodations in that area and the beauty of the territory. This portion of the region is still largely undiscovered by many, therefore outside the main touristic routes. Here you are likely to find the perfect holiday dimension without battling with overcrowded places, jammed museum entrances, and pricey restaurants. In addition it will be easier for you to find a stay even if you book at a late stage. It is indeed recommended that you start looking for and book your villa at least in January of the year you are going to Tuscany. However, with accommodations near Pistoia, this should not be an issue, and you can book a property even in May of the same year.

Plus, the province is a land between hills and mountains. Here you are at the border with Emilia Romagna, with the marvelous Appenines mountains dividing Tuscany from its northbound neighbor. The mount Abetone and Cimone are the most popular ski resorts of the region, and you can find them right here. Whether in summer or winter, these mountains give you plenty of opportunities to explore, practice sports (winter skiing is very popular here), and discover Tuscan villas located in fabulous mountain locations that have nothing to envy to the more famous Chianti or Valdorcia.

Where is exactly Pistoia? It sits North-West of Florence, and its name used to be Pistorium in the Latin language, which refers to a specific oven for making bread. The strongest development of the town in history happened between 1100 and 1200 and used to reign over a large territory, even larger than the current province of Pistoia. Nonetheless, the power of Florence subjugated even Pistoia, which fell under the dominion of the Medici at the beginning of the Fifteenth century, never to regain independence. However, under the dominion of Florence the city flourished economically.

As mention before, the natural environment of the territory around Pistoia is very green and rich of mountainous lands. The Apennines surround it on the north side Mountainside landscapes alternate with valleys and rivers in a land rich of historic villages and towns and art cities. Staying in Tuscan villas amidst all this will therefore give the best of the natural and the cultural sides, without neglecting the most classical aspects bound to the culinary and wine making traditions. Did you know that Monsummano Terme and Montecatini are right near Pistoia? They are extremely famous for their great charm, lifestyle, and thermal spas. Moreover, if you are a flower lover in Pescia you will find one of the most important flower markets in Europe, where once a year an important expo takes place. Finally the city of Pistoia is perfect for those in search of splendid Romanesque style churches.

Do not forget the small town of Fabbrica, recently brought back to its splendor thanks to a loving renovation process. The heart of town revolves around a delicious small Romanesque church, with all other houses closely built around it, as if searching for its protection.

Keep in mind Pistoia next time you will be looking for Tuscan villas for your self catering holidays in Italy. You will be in for many splendid surprises and of course a holiday to remember.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

6 Budgeting Tips For A Smart Vacation

Vacation can bring the whole family together from their daily monotonous work-life. Spending time with your family is very much essential as this will help you keep your family happy, contended and pleased. A vacation can be said a good one when the costs and expenses of it are within your planned budget. So, when you decide to plan a vacation, it is very much important that you check out whether or not it is within your budget.

6 Budget vacation tips

You can follow some budget vacation tips to make your vacation enjoyable and pleasing. Below are given 6 budget vacation tips to help you plan a vacation according to your capability.

1.) Check your expenses – You may either travel by flight or train or your own car depending on the expenses you can manage. You can browse through different websites so that you can find out traveling tickets with discount rates. This will help you plan a vacation according to the expenses you can afford.

2.) Plan a suitable budget – When you plan a vacation, you should also plan a suitable budget so that you can understand how much money you can actually spend on your vacation. While planning a budget, allocate a dollar amount for each of your expenses. This includes how much money you want to spend on hotels, food, sight-seeing, etc.

3.) Make a list of places you want to visit – You should make a list of all the places you want to visit. There are many free and inexpensive attractions that may draw your attention. You can take the help of a tourist guide to visit these places. But if you try to find it out by yourself, you will be able to save money. A travel guide book can also help you find out the tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc.

4.) Do not carry too many luggage – You should pack your luggage smartly and carry only those things that you may need when you are on a tour. Carrying too many luggage may create lot of problem for you to travel from one place to another. In addition, if you have too many luggage, you may also have to pay extra luggage charge while traveling by flight.

5.) Eat good food but at cheap rate – You should eat good food in good restaurants. But you also need to see that it is within your budget. So, it is better that you purchase only those items that you will be eating. Buying too many food items at a time will simply waste your money.

6.) Choose a credit card with low interest rate – While choosing a credit card, you should buy one which offers you low interest rate. This will help you pay off your outstanding credit card balances with ease when you purchase anything by using your credit card. Your traveling becomes much more convenient when you have your own credit card.

It is very much important for you to give sufficient time to your family so that they can feel that you are concerned about them. Spending your vacation with your family is a good way to enjoy and show your love and concern for them. At the same time, you should enjoy your vacation with your family within your budget. This will help you build a wonderful relation amongst your family members and cherish the most precious moments with them.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Experience: San Diego Nightlife

San Diego is quickly becoming known as one of the best nightspots in America. In recent years the city has witnessed large numbers of young, well educated and cash rich people moving into the downtown area and there has consequently been an uptick in the arts and culture scene – so much so that it is now talked about in the same vein as San Francisco and LA. It has some of the best restaurants on the west coast with cutting edge cuisine from Cambodia and Ethiopia, France and Afghanistan as well as the best south of the border dining in all of America. It has also seen an explosion in the number of microbreweries and is considered to be the equal of Portland and Seattle in quality local brews. With all this to choose from it is sometimes difficult to know where to go on your first visit to the city. This article will recommend a couple of places to start.

If you want a light bite to eat to get your evening going then try taking a trip to Shelter Island and sampling the delights of the Bali Hai Restaurant. Having just undergone a $4 million restoration it now looks out over the San Diego Bay with large panoramic windows and is worth booking a window table. The décor is exotic and the menu pacific rim, by genius local chef Chris Powell. The food is filling but light enough to serve as an appetizer for a night out. You have to try the Hawaiian Ahi Tartare with pine nuts, cracker bread and avocado or the Sea Scallops with ginger dashi broth, tarragon and lomi lomi salad.

Another alternative is the Airr Supper Club in downtown San Diego. Another joint serving up food that is light enough to leave you ready for a night out, the Airr offers food perfect for sharing on platters designed for two or three. It is designed with a kind of rock chic and serves up exotic international food with rock blasting out from the expensive looking speakers. Divided into two rooms (the crimson room and the white room) and filled with ultra modern lounge furniture and classy booths, this is more of a bar than restaurant and is the perfect place to start your night out. They serve some wonderful dishes but the best are the Sonoma County Duck Breast as well as the 22 oz T-Bones or the Mascarpone Risotto. My personal favorite is the Hamachi Crudo topped with added virgin oil, shavings of radish and a pile of crispy taro.

Once you’re ready to go dancing, head out to Voyeur, San Diego’s favorite nightclub, with a décor that will knock your socks off and a sound system that will send you flying. From the ever-present skulls to the renaissance pictures, and the weird and wonderful horse lamp (life sized) this is a club worth visiting for the décor alone. When you include the fact that they also play an intriguing mix of music that moves from punk to electro to industrial and back again, this is a club that you simply have to check out.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Visual Masterpieces for the Lone Adventurer

With a world so full of visual stimulus you will want to take in every sight, sound and experience possible. As a single traveler you might want to avoid the large crowds of the major attractions and enjoy something a little more sequestered, tranquil and personal. Alaska and Canada hold the keys to many hidden gems of outstanding natural beauty.

Denali National Park is located within Alaska and contains some of the most amazing sights for any traveler to experience on their single holidays. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as the Moose, Dall sheep and the Grizzly bear. The Denali National Park is a landscape of extremes with lush green hills contrast next to snow-capped mountains. One of the best ways to take in these sights is via the Denali scenic flight. Take to the sky and absorb everything the Denali National Park has to offer.

If you are looking for a secluded paradise you will definitely need to visit Lake Louise. Home to the Chateau, a solitary man-made structure in a landscape completely dominated by nature, constructed in the 19th century and originally conceived by the Canadian Pacific railway. To really take in the sights Lake Louise has to offer, it is essential you take a canoe trip through its crystal clear blue waters, listening carefully as the sound of wildlife carefully bounces through the mountain tops.

One of the most spectacular adventure tours you can go on travels through the Kenai Fjords National Park. Home to a landscape set between bright blue water and diamond white ice glaciers. Scenic cruises are available which will take you through the Kenai Fjords showing you absolutely everything there is to see. The waters are home to animals such as killer whales and sea otters and are frequently seen from the cruise playing in the clear blue waters. For those seeking a challenge mixed with spectacular views there is the Harding Ice fields trail. However this trek certainly is not for the faint of heart and will provide a serious challenge.

Canada and Alaska have nearly 50 national parks making it a hub for wildlife, conservation and natural beauty. As a single traveler there is so much to do an experience within these areas. Trek America is an adventure tour operator that provides exciting trips and tours throughout America and Canada.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Experience: Villa Vacations In Florida

Villa holidays offer a great chance to make the most of exotic locations with the luxury of your own home from home. Villas in Florida are an excellent choice for families looking for cheap Florida holidays in 2021 – combining luxury, privacy and flexibility when it comes to making the most that the Sunshine State has to offer. Family holidays can be a little fraught, trying to combine the needs of all members of the group and finding time to relax can prove a challenge – leaving adults exhausted and need of a second holiday to recover! Villa holidays can be an ideal way to find the space to breathe and time to relax as well providing a secure base from which to explore. Florida’s theme parks are well known, but there are plenty of other attractions guaranteed to suit all budgets and tastes – from the active to laid-back and recreational shopping opportunities that are almost out of this world!

Spacious themes

Space is a key theme in Florida. The natural environment is diverse and the sub-tropical climate makes this State one of the most attractive tourist destinations for visitors from across the States as well as from around the world. Space of a different kind is also a feature of life in Florida. The tourist industry is one of the main sectors in the State but so is the ‘Space Exploration’ industry. NASA’s famous Kennedy Space Center is located on the unimaginatively nicknamed ‘Space Coast’ (officially the Gold Coast) only 35 miles east of the world capital of the theme parks at Orlando. For families looking for villas in Florida, the Space Coast has a lot to recommend it. The Kennedy Space Center is open to the public and it features a range of theme park-style rides, including one that gives you the chance to experience ‘lift off’ in the Shuttle. Permanent exhibits include the Apollo space craft and equipment, a full-sized replica shuttle and daily chats from Astronauts. The Kennedy Space Center offers a slightly more educational take on the theme park theme, but the kids will probably not notice they are being educated!

Coastal arts

The Gold Coast stretches to the north and south of Cape Canaveral is a 72-mile section of pristine, unspoilt beach and shoreline. Exploration along this coast is definitely worthwhile, with opportunities for kayaking, surfing, diving and snorkeling, to mention but a few of the favored pastimes in these parts. The water is sub-tropically warm and suitable for water sports of all varieties and for people at any level of experience. The small towns along the Gold Coast have attracted a range of artists and craftspeople, and the shops in the area are well known for their unique products and definitely worth a visit.

Take a hike

This part of the US has long been popular with visitors of all nationalities – the Spanish, French and British have all ruled the roost at different times – leaving their mark in a varied cultural heritage. Floridians are rightly proud of their natural environment and the National Parks and State Parks are great places to experience this amazingly diverse great outdoors. On the coast there are parks which offer great fishing and diving, while inland there are unspoilt forests with hiking and cycling trails. Camping facilities are popular at these parks, and for those staying in Florida Villas, taking a hike and getting away from it all is always a possibility, giving you and the kids to experience a little bit of the wild side of Florida!

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Go Camping In America’s National Parks

Holidays to America from Europe are always exciting experiences. For a start, it’s a whole new continent you’re seeing – perhaps for the first time ever – so there’s lots to see and do. If you’re a big film buff, for example, you might get a kick out of visiting places where famous scenes from movies were filmed. If you’re a big Elvis fan, Graceland will be right up your street. But if you want to check out the natural beauty of America, the country’s national parks – available for camping holidays – are perfect.

So which are the best national parks in America? To be honest, there are two huge ones you simply must consider for your camping holidays. They are Yellowstone Park and Yosemite.

Yosemite National Park is found in California and is perfect for those who love to get back to nature. That’s because it actually features 20 per cent of the state’s plant species; a huge statistic! The park receives in excess of 3.5 million visitors per year, and they can choose to camp at one of 13 popular campsites. These sites fill up though, so do be quick if you fancy visiting. We recommend aiming for as much as a year in advance.

Other natural wonders abound at Yosemite, including waterfalls created by the high cliffs and low valleys. There’s even the Lyell Glacier, a shaded area of ice. These sights are illuminated by beautiful Californian weather which, like the number of site visitors, is date dependent.

Yellowstone National Park is the other big American park. It spans the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, and contains 12 campgrounds which can house 2,000 campsites. Yellowstone features a fair slice of history too, as Native American tribes actually inhabited the park for over 10,000 years.

The park is also home to plenty of animals, including Bison, Pronghorn and different types of wolves. These are all animals you wouldn’t usually see on camping holidays, so be sure not to let the opportunity to check out Yellowstone pass you by.

You really get a feel for the great outdoors of America at Yellowstone. Believe it or not, some of the campsites can only be reached on horseback, so you’ll feel like something out of an old John Wayne Western movie as you make your way to your abode.

Both Yellowstone and Yosemite are close to major states, meaning a simple drive or bus ride from the park results in a whole other dimension being added to your trip. With Yosemite, this means you can head over to California and enjoy the delights of one of the biggest states of its kind. Travelling around Yellowstone can result in a tour of Middle America, getting a good look at the country’s agriculture and natural surroundings.

If you fancy camping holidays that are a little bit different to the norm, and the idea of exploring a the nature of this wonderful continent appeals to you, Yosemite and Yellowstone are perfect for your trip.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

The Wine Region of Australia

Australia has been known for its Outback region, a place of wild untamed beauty. Now, there are many other regions in the country that have come to the forefront of the new Australia. One of them is the Granite Belt in Queensland and it has become one of the most commercially successful regions in the country.

Because of the influx of Italian immigrants into the Queensland regions, many of the known traditional industries in the old country were introduced into Australia. Historically, the first Shiraz grapes were planted in the region back in 1965 and since then the winemaking industry has slowly and steadily set its roots in Queensland to make it the top winemaking region in the Australian continent.

Nowadays, the region boasts of long grape plantations and winemakers that produce the top Australian blends of Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The location is prime perfect for grapes and winemaking. Queensland is located on the eastern area of the Great Dividing Range with an altitude of eight hundred meters from sea level. The weather is also punctuated by spring frosts, with cold nights at the beginning and the end of the season with high humidity. During the summer, there are sub tropical monsoon rains, which may seem not typical of Australia but perfect for growing grapes for winemaking.

The winemakers of the region are small to medium sized farms owned by families scattered all throughout the Queensland region. Most of the vineyards employ trellising methods for the grapes, trickle immigration for the nutrient requirements and nettings for protection against birds and hail.

The following are some of the wines produced in the area and their characteristics that make it true Australian products of the earth:

  • The Semillons of Queensland are very similar to the Hunter Valley variety. Often, this wine is bottled for five years. If opened early, the wine exhibits tropical fruit characteristics but when aged to its fullest would result in classic honeyed and toasted wine of a true classic Semillon;
  • The Queensland Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by a full, dark and rich flavor that it sometimes overwhelms the senses. The basic ingredients to this wine are cassis, red berries and sweet fruit flavors punctuated by vanillin oak;
  • The Shiraz from Queensland is the showcase of the region’s wine industry. The Shiraz here is dark in color, strong bodied with flavor and tannins. When aged properly, the spices in the wine develops into the sweet velvet wines reminiscent of Hunter Valley variety;

Queensland’s wine industry is still in its infancy but its produce has made it one of the country’s best kept secrets. While there are many larger wineries in the region, there are many smaller backyard winemakers and even microbreweries that can provide you every kind of wine that you may fancy. From Chardonnays to Shirazes to Cabernets, you can find one in every corner of the winemaking capital of Australia. So pick your spot and be inebriated of not just only your palate but for your other senses as well while in Queensland.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

My 6 Favorite Beaches In The World

Traveling to different places in the world is a great thing as you get to see new and beautiful places. Travelling to the beaches are another great travelling option and it is all the more exciting as there are so many options. There are numerous beaches around the world and all of these are so attractive that you will be spoilt for choice as to where you are going to actually travel in the near future.

The breathtakingly beautiful sea beaches that you actually cannot afford to give a miss are the:

Maldives – Whether you are dreaming of a beach trip that consists of spending pampered nights in a really good four-star resort or swimming with the tropical fishes, the Maldives is the place where both of your wishes or either can come true. Situated on the southwest of Sri Lanka, and consists of 1,102 islands. The soft air coming from the archipelago beautifully blends into the palm-fringed haze around the islands.

Seychelles – Seychelles is one of the most popular and most photographed beaches in the world. The most attractive thing offered by this beach is the turquoise water which is relatively shallow but is protected from ocean waves with the reef. Moreover, the reefs are colored in such a way that if you look down while landing on the island, that it would look more like a rainbow in the water. The pale pink sand lies across the island of La Digue, which is one of the 115 components of this archipelago. These sands seem to sparkle against the towering backdrop of granite boulders.

Fraser Island – Situated high on the sunny Queensland coast along 161 miles northeast of Brisbane, it is considered to be the world’s largest sand island and consists of a beautiful beach. This is more of a World Heritage Site and has almost 640 square miles of un-spoilt natural paradise. There are rain forests which are full of trees which are 1,000-year-old.

Las Islas Cíes – It is in Galicia, Spain and was once a pirates’ haunt. However, it is now simply an uninhabited place and has a pristine national park, and it is opened for the public only in the summers. It a perfect place for leisure time, for relieving yourself of the stress, with full of soft sand and small dunes.

Porto da Barra – This is situated in Brazil, Salvador and the location is stunning only because it sits at the entrance of the magnificent Bahia de Todos os Santos. It is more of a clean beach in comparison to others and as the beach is in a bay the water is fully calm.

Arambol – Arambol situated in Goa, in the state’s northernmost beach in India may have the ageing hippies and the seasonal expats, but you won’t be able to give up on the spectacular and sweeping layer of sand. It is so very beautiful that it can win over even the cynical travelers. It is more of a vast expansion and so it’s easy to find a corner for yourself.

There are many other such beautiful beaches where you would really love to visit. But for that, you will have to do some real research so that you can decide on which would be your next spot for vacation.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Beat The Heat, Save Your Wallet

Given the state of the economy, family vacations to expensive theme parks like Sea World and 6 Flags may be out of reach, even if you are a regional Texas traveler.  Increased oil prices have raised everything from fuel costs to the price of goods and services, so theme park tickets and overpriced cartoon-themed burgers may be out of the question for your family this summer.

Is there good news, you might ask?  Most definitely, yes!  See, if you’re living within a drivable distance of Central Texas, being forced to think outside the box for family vacation ideas can be a blessing in disguise!    You can create an affordable vacation that is focused on your family spending time making memories together while exploring the beautiful, interesting and fun things your home state has to offer.

One of my favorite places to visit is the Highland Lakes, located just Northwest of Austin.  There’s a variety of accommodation options to fit your family’s personality and budget needs.  For the outdoor lovers and the budget conscious, there are plenty of campgrounds and cabins for rent.  There are also lakeside lodges and resorts, as well as very nice vacation homes in the area for those that want more comfortable and modern places to rest your head at night.  Fido may also be able to tag along for the vacation, as there is a good selection of pet friendly lodging, too.

Why are the Highland Lakes one of my favorite places? Well, quite simply, there’s plenty to do without being overly crowded and still allows the outdoors to be enjoyed in a natural setting.  The Highland Lakes equals water fun…boating, jet skis, kayaks, fishing and water sliding, to name some of the most popular water activities.  What better way is there to stay cool?  Even better, many of these activities are easy on the wallet (sometimes even free!), and your family can participate in a number of fun-filled adventures for less than 1-day at a big-budget theme park.

For land lovers, there are a number of other dry, family friendly, things to do in the area.  For example, near Lake Buchanan, the largest of the Highland Lakes, you can turn the reigns over to the capable folks at Vanishing River Texas Cruise.  Their cruises offer beautiful views along the Colorado River and give passengers an insider’s glimpse into the local wildlife, including viewings of the American Bald Eagle (who nests nearby) and rehabilitated birds.  They also have a dinner cruise that blends tasty dinner with a beautiful sunset view.  Cruises start at $20 per adult and $12 per child.

Longhorn Cavern State Park provides a cool and naturally beautiful family excursion option.  These unique caverns were formed in an unusual way (dissolving limestone and flowing underground streams) and offer a great chance for the family to cool off while seeing and learning about a truly special geographic wonder.  Adult tickets are $12.99 and children under 12 tickets are $7.99.

In addition, hikers will enjoy two fabulous hiking options within a short drive of the Highland Lakes.  Canyon of the Eagles is perfect for novices and those with small children, as they have an easier terrain with plenty of wildlife like lumbering armadillos, chirping Black-capped Vireos and Golden-cheeked Warblers and access to food and bathrooms.  A donation is requested for day guests enjoying the trails.  Enchanted Rock State Park is a popular hiking and picnic destination, known for being one of the largest batholiths (underground rock formation) in the country.  Hikers are rewarded with sweeping views of the hill country once they reach the summit of Enchanted Rock.  Admission is $6 per person over the age of 13.

Hopefully you’ve got some creative, affordable family vacation ideas brewing now, and your family will soon be on it’s way to enjoy each other,  as well as the beauty and fun of your own home state of Texas!

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.

Traveling To the Philippines This Summer: 5 Tips to Know

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country to visit, with more than 7,100 islands to offer visiting guests. The capital is Manila, but there are several destinations that are well worth visiting. If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines this summer, here are five tips that you need to keep in mind.

1.) Prepare for the heat. The Philippines is a tropical country, so it can get very hot, as high as 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Generally, its temperature is in the mid 80s. The summer season is between March to May, while the rainy season is between June to August.

If you’re going around town, bring a fan and a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated. Slather on a high SPF sun block to protect your skin.

2.) English is well spoken everywhere you go. One great thing about the country that makes it tourist friendly is that almost everyone can speak English. Filipinos are very friendly and willing to help out tourists in need. Do bargain when you go out shopping at the tiangge or street markets and bazaars.

3.) Visit the islands. There’s much to see in the capital of Manila, such as Manila Bay, Intramuros, various historical churches and the cosmopolitan malls found in Makati and Ortigas. However, if you want to see a touch of Paradise, hop on a plane, boat or bus to go to the many island destinations in the country.

The most popular is Boracay, with it’s pristine white sand and aquamarine blue waters. If you’re into diving, go to Palawan, which is a haven filled with underwater caves and lagoons. Bohol is another beach hotspot. If you like wakeboarding, get on a bus to go to Camarines Sur. Up North, Ilocos and La Union have many surfing spots.

4.) Drink bottled water. If you have a sensitive constitution, order bottled water when you eat out. The tap water isn’t potable.

5.) Dress casually with the weather in mind. You don’t need to wear a suit. T-shirt, shorts and flip flops should suffice as you go about your tour. It’s also easier if you want to go shopping to have fewer things on your person. Leave your valuables at home since you don’t want to attract too much attention.

Plan your trip carefully so you can get in as many things in your itinerary as possible. It’s a laid back place where a leisurely pace is the way of life. Relax and enjoy the Philippines.

About the Author: Michael Flynn

My name is Michael Flynn and I am a lifelong world traveler. I have visited over 100 countries and have stepped foot on each continent. I love to visit new places, meet new people, and try cultural foods.