A Unique Vacation: Cambodia and Vietnam

For a holiday that’s different to anything you’ve ever experienced, Cambodia is the only place to check out. The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in South East Asia, bordering Thailand in the west and Vietnam to the east. It offers a rich history surrounded by culture and conflict, and now offers a wide array of attractions for tourists looking to experience new cultures during their trip. Experiencing your holidays in Cambodia will be a great way to learn about other ways of life and try new kinds of cuisine.

The natural landscapes and views of Cambodia offer pure pleasure, showing of it natural beauty, with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world looking over the area. The temples in Cambodia look great during the sunset, too, making them superb places to visit during the evenings as well as the daytime.

Cuisine in Cambodia is somewhat similar to food that’s found in Thailand and Vietnam, but provides a number of distinct and unique flavors on top of these already established forms of cooking. Most food is served with rice, and is considered to be a little more ‘sour’ than most western food.

To experience Cambodian history, however, you must take the time to visit some of the museums and temples scattered throughout the area. One such temple is the Wat Roka Kandal, located in the city of Kratie in the east. This ancient building lets you see first-hand what life used to be like in ancient times, and you can stay as a guest overnight if you are travelling out of the city for a while. This distinct twist to your getaway is perfect for history lovers and people looking for a holiday that’s unlike most package deals available.

The city of Kratie also offers one of the last living schools of Irrawaddy dolphins, found along the Mekong River. This is among the many popular things to do in the cities, and provides a glimpse into one of the most magnificent endangered animals in the world. There are thought to be between 65 and 68 dolphins in the wild, and the Cambodian Mekong Dolphin Conservation project has since been established to help preserve these creatures. It just goes to show the range of attractions that Cambodia has to offer that many British holidaymakers are missing out on.

The best thing about traveling around Cambodia is that you can easily visit nearby countries like Vietnam in your own time or by using the extensive public transport links. Vietnam is another great place to go during your holidays and offers just as much diversity in terms of culture as Cambodia. The rich culture found in Hanoi city, in particular, attracts thousands of people every year who really want to experience what this part of the world’s culture is all about. You can learn about this area’s violent or conflict-filled past, or spend time in the new and modernized areas and you’ll have the time of your life.

Cambodia and Vietnam may not be the richest places in the world, nor might they most notorious, but they are certainly great places visit for a holiday. Instead of visiting many of the common holiday places in Europe, like Spain and France, perhaps this time round you can try something different and enjoy a little more culture and in the beautiful, cultural and sensual South East Asia.