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5 Reasons to Travel in a Campervan

Forget the hotels and motels. With such a fresh, gorgeous country to explore on your holiday, why not choose accommodation that’s as unique as your destination? Here are five good reasons to travel in a campervan on your next trip.
5: Price
Campervans are a great value for the money. Not only are you combining the price of a hotel and rental car into one convenient package, but depending on the campervan, you can also enjoy perks like air conditioning and refrigerators – must-haves during an Australian summer.
4: Freedom
You can go anywhere in a campervan. You won’t be tied down by physical boundaries or limited by your proximity to certain things (“we can’t go too far from the hotel!”). You don’t have to stress over public transportation or tour bus schedules. With a campervan, you’re free to explore your surroundings at your leisure, secure in the knowledge that your food, bed and shelter are all going with you.
3: Durability
Campervans are made for travel. You don’t just drive in them, you live in them! Unlike cars and other rentals, you don’t have to worry about ruining the pristine condition of a campervan. This is especially valuable if you’re taking an adventure holiday or going camping somewhere generally inhospitable. If you’re exploring the snowy mountains of Cabramurra or the national parks of Tasmania, you’ll want to look for, say, motorhome hire in Tasmania.
2: Convenience
Whether you’re touring the rugged scenery of the outback or just hitting up the big cities, you can hire a campervan in almost anywhere in Australia. For example, look for campervan hire Perth if you’re taking a holiday in the City of Light. Look for campervans with style if you’re on the Gold Coast. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect amenities when you’re already traveling with them!
1: Spirit
There’s something about traveling in a campervan that frees you from the “tourist” mindset. Maybe it’s the freedom of travel or the security of knowing that you’re the only one in control of your trip. Maybe it’s just the luxury of having a mobile bed. Regardless of the reasons, by choosing a campervan, you’ll find yourself taking chances and trying the lesser-known paths. You’ll be more likely to throw away your guidebook and just see where your wheels take you.
That’s the campervan spirit, and it’s worth an entire holiday on its own.

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